What To Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer


Aside from the venue, the wedding photographer is the most popular vendor for couples planning their big day. Even if you keep it small, you still need to capture the event. Trying to find a photographer that’s right for you and your partner can be overwhelming, so I’m here to offer a few tips before you book your wedding photographer and sign on the dotted line. 

Know your budget

Every couple has a wedding budget, and it’s important you stick to it (most of the time). Photographers can be one of your more expensive vendors depending on what you and your partner want. According to a study from The Knot, out of the 27,000 couples who got married in 2019, the average wedding photographer cost was $2,400. That may seem like a big chunk of change, but with photographers, you get what you pay for. The bigger the budget the better the quality!

Know your timeline

Make sure you have some idea of how long you’ll need your photographer on the wedding day, as many of them offer packages on an hourly base. Do you want them to take pictures while you’re getting ready? Do you want them to stay longer during the reception to capture plenty of embarrassing dance photos? These are important questions to discuss with your partner before meeting with photographers and choosing a package.

Will there be a backup if your photographer is sick?

This is super important, especially if you’re using a solo photographer. If you’re using a large company, they usually will have other people on staff that can cover, but if it’s just your photographer on their own, make sure they have a plan B. Usually, they will have a colleague or an assistant that is able to take over if they are unable to work on your wedding day, but this is still an important question to ask before booking.

What is their photography style?

This may be one of the more important questions you should ask. Make sure you know what style your photographer prefers or has experience in, and make sure it matches you and our partner’s preferences. Ask yourselves what you want to look at when you flip through your wedding album in 30 years. Do you like a more classic style? Or maybe you prefer more artistic or dramatic photos? If you’re not sure, a quick Google or Pinterest search is always helpful so you’re prepared.

The bottom line with any vendor is to make sure you set clear expectations. If you’re both on the same page, you’ll be sure to get the results you want and the day will run much more smoothly! 

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