Milwaukee Historical Society Wedding


Nikki and Michael held their Indian American fusion wedding at The Milwaukee Historical Society. Considering Michael is a middle school history teacher, and he and Nikki both love unique architecture, the venue was very fitting! The couple did an amazing job of combining their traditions into one HUGE, colorful celebration. As a wedding photographer, I truly loved capturing every minute of it! 

Nikki and Michael met 3 years ago when Nikki moved to Wisconsin from Boston for work. They met online and knew within a month of dating that they were each other’s forever person. They had both been in long term relationships in the past and knew exactly what they each wanted in a partner. 

When it came time to propose, Nikki and Michael had a different approach. They both knew it was going to happen, so they decided to plan a special day and ask each other. It was such a big moment, they both wanted to be a part of the planning. On the day they decided to ask each other to get married, they had family in town and were able to celebrate with them afterwards. It may not be a traditional proposal, but it was perfect for who they are as a couple!

I think the best word to describe Nikki and Michael’s wedding day is vibrant. There was so much color, joy, love, and dancing. For their ceremony, both Nikki and Michael wore traditional Indian wedding attire, and Nikki’s hands and feet were painted with traditional Henna, or Mehndi. She loved how it turned out and wanted to showcase it in her photos as much as possible! 

After a sweet first look in front of the stunning architecture of The Milwaukee Historical Society, the next event on the wedding itinerary was the Baraat. A Baratt is a celebration that takes place before the ceremony welcoming the groom and his family into the bride’s family. It was like having a pre-ceremony dance party outside the venue! This was so much fun and probably my favorite part of the day. It was so sweet seeing Michaels family and friends experience such a joyful tradition!

The traditional Indian wedding ceremony includes many important symbolic moments. It was beautiful to watch not only the couple, but their families as well, who were able to participate in the festivities.  After the ceremony, the bride’s cousins took Michael’s shoes and asked for money, which is another fun tradition in Indian weddings. 

For the ceremony, both Nikki and Michael had a wardrobe change. Nikki wore a stunning blue dress with colorful embroidery and traditional jewelry. Michael wore a blue suit and wooden bowtie to match. 

After dinner, the reception was loud and lively! Dancing is such a huge part of wedding culture, and even more so for Indian weddings, so the dance floor was packed all night long! The reception was a true party and everyone had a blast! 

Nikki and Michael- Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day! I loved every minute of it and I wish you both all the happiness in the future! 


Vendor Team – 

Venue – Milwaukee Historical Society 

Planner – Midwestern Bride

Photographer – Taylor Kelley Photography

Bar – Zilli Hospitality

DJ – Milwaukee Airwaves

Decor – Dream Decor by Kiran 

Hair – Allure Artistry

Makeup – Brei Harvey

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