Lindi + Ben | Wedding


Lindi + Ben were officially married on May 30th even though they pushed their full wedding to next year due to COVID-19. It was a beautiful day and I’m so happy to have captured this special day for them!

Lindi’s favorite color is blue so having swede blue shoes was just the ticket for her wedding day! Her sweet pup, Azure, was there as she got into her dress and it was honestly adorable. Fun fact, her name comes from the Old French word for blue, so Lindi really does LOVE the color!

In Ben’s vows, he said that although their wedding day looks different than they planned and all their favorite people couldn’t be there, all that matters is their marriage at the end of the day! Such a sweet, true sentiment. He also said he knew there was going to be something special about her when the first question she asked him on the dating app they met on was “what’s your favorite local brewery?”

The ceremony was intimate and perfect. As they were announced husband and wife they started walking away and Lindi realized they didn’t exchange rings! Family laughed and she said oh well we can do that later. Then, to the couples surprise, a handful of friends where outside ready with bubbles. At that moment, someone said, “let’s do the rings out here for all to see!” It was a fun surprise for all involved as they exchanged rings, pastor blessed them and they kissed again. The best part is their friends got to see a little peek of their ceremony. A good family friend of theirs said it was such a God thing to forget the rings, but then be able to have their friends be apart of it! It felt so similar to the story of moving their date – not perfect or as planned, but turned into something even sweeter!

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Chambers! Can’t wait to celebrate to two again next summer! It’s not everyday you get to be there for your couples for two weddings marrying the same person…I’m all about the double celebrations if it means I get to spend even MORE time with you two!



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