Kacey | 2021 Senior


Today I’m sharing this session with Kacey in Downtown Milwaukee! This girl is beautiful (um, that hair?! so gorgeous!) and SO SMART. She is planning on studying Pre-Med or Pre-Law when she gets to college! You wouldn’t be surprised by this at all with her resume – she’s both on Student Council and National Honors Society.

Kacey describes herself as kind, caring, and dedicated… um, heck yeah she is! Her session was so fun and you can feel the warmth surrounding her – she is such a joy to be around! I feel like you can tell just by looking at her photos that she exudes kindness. Her favorite thing about high school was making life long friends, many of which were on the dance team with her. It’s not surprising she has a great group of gal pals – she’s so easy to get along with and is so vivacious!

This session was so fun and I can’t wait to see where Kacey’s journey takes her!

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