Why I Give a Complimentary Engagement Session


Why I Give a Complimentary Engagement Session to all of my Wedding Couples

Now that you have picked a date, a photographer, and a venue, it’s time to celebrate! The toughest decisions you’ll have to make while planning your wedding are officially crossed off your list. Now, on to my favorite part of the process, your engagement photo session! Here are a few reasons why I include a FREE engagement session for all of my wedding couples:  

Engagement sessions are great ice breakers 

Being in front of the camera with a complete stranger can be a little bit intimidating, especially if you don’t do it that often (which is most people). Having nerves on your session day is completely normal! In my opinion, engagement sessions are the BEST way for us to get to know each other before your wedding day!

During the session, we can learn about each other and chat about all the details of your big day. My ultimate goal is for you to feel like you’re working with a friend, and engagement sessions can help break the ice and establish that level of comfort. 

By the end of the session, you will both feel like pros…I promise!

I get to learn what makes you unique as a couple 

During your engagement session, I can watch you and your partner together and find out what makes the two of you unique! Once I learn your personalities, I can focus on what makes you, you. That way, your photos will be much more intimate, and they will truly showcase who you are as a couple.

This is also a HUGE plus for your wedding day. I’ll arrive on your big day knowing how the two of you interact, what your best poses are, and how to photograph you in a genuine way! The little quirks and details that I learn about you and your person during your engagement session are so valuable when it comes to producing authentic wedding photos!

Bonus: You can use the photos for your save the dates 

A great way to showcase your favorite engagement photos is by using them for your save the dates! This is the first thing that will go out to all of your guests, and most likely, the first professional photos the two of you have together, so why not use them! You can also use them for your wedding shower invitations or your wedding guest book. The possibilities are endless! 

Engagement sessions are the first event that my couples and I get to spend together, and they’re my absolute FAVORITE part of the wedding process. They’re a great way to get comfortable with each other from the beginning. After the engagement session, you’ll know my core poses and the flow of my shooting style, which will help you feel much more relaxed on your wedding day. That’s one less thing for you to stress about! To me, the value of comfort is PRICELESS, so offering a complimentary engagement session is a no-brainer!

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