Why You Need a Second Photographer for Your Wedding


I believe every wedding needs a second photographer! It sounds excessive, I know. There are plenty of benefits to having a second photographer on your wedding day, and many couples have admitted that not hiring two photographers was one of their biggest wedding regrets.  

Many solo photographers, like me, have colleagues or assistants on hand that they work with on a regular bases. A second photographer comes with ALL my wedding collections and it’s one of the BEST things I think I offer! 

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to have a second photographer, here are a few reasons it’s a good idea: 

You’ll be able to get photos of both sides of the wedding party 

Typically, the bride and groom and their wedding party get ready in different rooms and sometimes different locations. If you have a second shooter, you’ll be able to get photos of both sides at the same time. That way, as a bride, you won’t have to sacrifice time with your photographer to make sure they get photos of your partner getting ready as well.  

Having a second shooter will allow you to capture everyone’s reaction to big moments  

You definitely want to have photos of the bride walking down the aisle, but the groom’s reaction is important too! If your primary photographer is focused on the bride, the second shooter can be perfectly positioned to capture her partners reaction at the end of the aisle. A second shooter will also be able to capture the sweet moments of the bride with her dad right before they walk down the aisle and family member’s reactions as the bride makes her way toward the altar. These are moments you certainly won’t regret capturing!

A second photographer can help streamline post-ceremony family and bridal party photos 

Have a large family or bridal party? Having another person in charge of posing and organizing can really make the process run smoothly. Excitement is high after the ceremony, and forcing a large group of people to quiet down, listen, and cooperate while posing them for photos is difficult for one person to handle. A second shooter can help direct people to where they’re supposed to go and take the pressure off of the primary photographer. Plus, a more streamlined process means you can get to the party sooner!  

Have a big venue? A second photographer can cover more ground 

If your venue is on the larger side, and your guest list is extensive, having a second shooter will help you capture more candid reception moments. Want to sneak away and take specialized photos of just you and your partner at your reception venue or during sunset? A second photographer can stay and capture photos of your guests and their amazing (or hilariously terrible) dance skills.   

It will add variety to your wedding photos 

A second photographer will be able to capture photos at different angles and add variety to your final gallery. Having a second perspective not only adds variety, it adds photos. At the end of the day, you’ll have twice as many photos of your wedding day to choose from.  

Having a second photographer at your wedding may seem excessive at first, but in order to ensure that all of your important moments are captured, it’s necessary! Don’t let this be one of your wedding regrets.

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