5 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day


5 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be an extremely stressful process. When the big day FINALLY arrives, all you want to do is enjoy it. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to run into issues that cause you and your partner stress. Here are my 5 favorite wedding day tips and tricks: 

Wear your shoes BEFORE your big day

Ladies (and gents), make sure you break in your wedding day shoes! You’re most likely going to be on your feet all day and night (especially if you plan on hitting the dance floor), so it’s super important to make sure you’re going to be comfortable. This is one of my top tips for brides. You don’t want your feet to be screaming 15 minutes into your day. I’ve had some brides who wanted to stop their photos because their feet hurt so badly! So, keep the blisters and achy arches at bay, and test out those shoes. Maybe wear them around your house before the big day, and then wear them to your rehearsal, that way you get more than one use out of them! Pro tip – bring a super comfortable pair of shoes like Keds or sandals for all the dancing! 

Schedule hair and makeup trials

When I was a bride, I knew I needed to schedule a hair trial, but I honestly didn’t know I had to get a makeup trial as well. Having a hair and a makeup trial allows everyone to be prepared. You want to be confident and LOVE your look on your wedding day. There is nothing worse than panicking and wishing you could make changes at the last minute. 

Hair and makeup trails are such a great opportunity to bring along a sister, mom, or friend, and make a day out of it! Also, it can be helpful to get their thoughts, and having that support may give you the confidence to speak up if you’re unhappy with something. It’s better to let the hair or makeup artist know exactly what you want during your trail so it’s perfect for your wedding day.

Bonus tip: If you can, schedule your trials when you can show off your looks. Do them before a night out with friends, or for your bridal shower or your bachelorette party. After all, if you’re getting all dolled up, you should take advantage of it!

Try on your dress before your wedding day WITH all of your undergarments on

I know. TMI. But this one is so important! Most brides don’t think about how their undergarments will look with their dress on. Most dresses won’t show anything because they have so many layers, but if your dress is on the thinner side, be aware that it will show every single line underneath.  

I worked with a bride that put on her dress on her wedding day and her breast tape lines were visible, as she wasn’t wearing a bra, and the outline of her panties was visible too. In the end, she decided not to wear panties, and it all worked out, BUT it’s better to figure things like that out before your big day so you’re not flustered. 

Plan ahead of time who will be helping you get into your wedding dress 

You will have so many important people with you as you get ready, and I know you love them all, but unfortunately, they all can’t zip you into your dress at the same time.

Choose one or two people that you want to help you get into your dress and tell them ahead of time. That way, you can save time and avoid awkwardness when the moment comes. Of course, everyone deserves their moment, so for those that are not on dress duty, they can help you put on shoes and accessories.

And last but certainly not least…one of my BEST tips…

Sit on the toilet backwards to go to the bathroom with your wedding dress on

I know it sounds super weird, and will probably feel a bit awkward, but I promise it works! Instead of forcing someone else into the bathroom stall with you to hold your dress, you can just walk right in and sit down. It allows you so much more independence, and you don’t have to hunt down a helper every time you have to use the bathroom. Again, I know this sounds weird, but it’s so much easier and will make for a good laugh!

In the end, remember that life isn’t perfect. If something goes wrong, just go with it! Don’t let something small ruin your wedding day. You never know, maybe that tiny crisis will be a funny story to tell one day!

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